MOO - Cotton Cards Campaign

I am super excited to announce my latest collaboration with Moo for the new Cotton Cards Campaign. These business cards are made from 100% recycled Cotton T-Shirts, which means not only do they look good but they're also eco friendly! All tee and no tree. YASS! 

Head over to the site and bring your mini designs to life:



I had a little spring clean a few days ago and dug up some gems that I totally forgot about. So I figured i’d have a day of nothing but doodling (the usual!) with my new-ish supplies.

I am obsessed with KRINK, especially the K-60 Paint Marker. It’s squeezable and is available in 16 opaque colours. If you’re into graffiti or just like to go crazy on a canvas - this is the one!

Shop KRINK here:

Interview with moo.

I have some exciting news to share with you! So, I got featured on my all-time favourite design website, Moo. Hit the link to read my mini interview, where I talk about my cute stickers and a little bit about myself (just a little I promise). Go go go!

Stickers will be available in the Shop section soon!


I had THE most fun painting this Dragon Ball GT piece for my friend Troy a couple of weeks back. I’m not going to lie, when he first asked me to do this I was a little nervous. But I’m soooo happy with the way that it turned out and even more pleased that he can add it to his art collection at home.

I’m 100% going to do more paintings on this scale, I’m already planning my next one! 

Acrylic on canvas // Painting measures 90” x 60”.



For the first time ever, I put the Posca pens and Sharpies down and decided to give Gouache paints a go. With “Nikes” being one of my favourite visuals from 2016, I couldn’t resist using Frank Ocean as my subject.

It took a bit of getting used to because it’s such a tough, matte paint and dries immediately, so I had to work at a fast pace - no pressure!

Prints are available in the shop.


Ahh! So this is what it feels like to be a blogger?! I’m super excited to finally have my site up and running.

You’ll have to excuse me if you spot any spelling mistakes. I’ll be blogging on the go whenever I see or hear something cool that I want to share with you. So when I’m caught up in the moment, don’t blame me, blame autocorrect!

Anyway, I’ll let you take a look around. Enjoy!